Line-Up of Beers

Both Wills and Bockmore agreed that the Oregon Trail flagship beer should be something light and approachable, but they also wanted it to be distinctive. Bockmore came up with an American interpretation of the Belgian wit style. Although early test batches used a Belgian yeast, it didn’t seem to add enough to the beer to make it worth the added work of maintaining more than one yeast strain. The final production recipe uses domestic barley and wheat malt (avoiding the extra mash rests that raw wheat requires) and a neutral ale yeast. It is flavored with orange peel and coriander.

Once it is filled with the proper measure of malt, the grain bin is rolled into position over the mill’s hopper. A drain in the bottom of the bin feeds the malt directly into the mill, which is sunk into the floor; the crushed malt feeds directly into the mash tun beneath. Papers hang on the wall (behind the bin) in front of the desk in this space that doubles as the brewery’s office.

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