5 Things Every Beer Lover Must Own

Dating back to the early Neolithic period, beer is one of the oldest beverages worldwide. Cereal grains such as millet, barley, wheat and rye were first grown during that period.

A starch like grain is mixed with water when brewing beer. The sweet mixture created is then mixed with yeast to undergo fermentation.

Today, beer is Americans’ favorite alcoholic beverage drink because of the following reasons:

  • Available in many types
  • Pairs well with different types of food
  • Quenches thirst
  • Gives you all the reasons to meet and catch up with your friends after work.

The increase in brewery tours, beer festivals and ale trails have heightened interest in the beverage. There’re things every beer lover should own and they also make excellent gifts for yourself or your beer-loving friend.

Whether yours is lager, pilsner, stout or lager, here’re 5 things you should own:

Top 5 Must-Owns for Every Craft Beer Connoisseur

Drink Cup Holder

Cup holders attach to almost any surface or tabletop.

Opt for a cup holder that’s 1.6 inches thick or thicker for optimal performance. It provides convenient storage for your cup of beer as you enjoy your brew.

What’s more, the cup holder is versatile to hold your cup of soda, wine or seltzer. It’s sturdy and heavy-duty for safe and durable use.

Beer Chilling Coasters or Chillsner

Condensation from your cold drink can easily leave an unsightly ring on your furniture. Available in all kinds of designs, you’ll find one that suits your taste.

A Scandinavian design made from marble is slick and simple for minimalist use. Chilling coasters are both functional and attractive. They’re stylish and function to protect your wooden surfaces.

What’s more, they keep your cold beer cold and protects your polished surfaces from hot dishes. Arrange several coasters on your coffee or dining table with a polished protective surface to hold hot dishes.

Alternatively, use chillsner to keep your cold drinks cold if that’s your main concern. Simply insert the chilling stick into your beer glass or bottle to keep your beverage cold.

Keep the chillsner frozen in your freezer for use when drinking your favorite brew. With the chilling stick, you get to enjoy each cold sip to the last.

Craft IPA beer Shampoo and Conditioner

Why opt for any other shampoo and/or conditioner when you can use one made from your favorite drink?

Beer is good for your hair.


Beer shampoo and conditioners are made from acai berry seeds, a type of beer such as IPA, fennel seeds, sunflower oil, berries, aloe leaves, etc. to give your hair more volume.

Studies show that rinsing your hair with beer makes its strands shinier. Beer is made from barley, a grain that’s rich in vitamins B and proteins to make your hair shinier and smoother.

With a good bottle of beer shampoo and conditioner for your hair, you don’t have to rinse your hair with actual beer. You wash and rinse your hair in sweet or minty scents and still enjoy the benefits of rinsing your hair strands with beer.

Pair your hair shampoo and conditioner with a beer body soap for complete body treatment. Available in different types based on the type of beer used, beer soaps redefine bar soaps, adding ‘shower beer’ to your bathroom.

Craft Spice Blends and the beer Kitchen

The beer-inspired food seasonings are great for barbecuing. Beer makes a great accompaniment for barbecues. Use the spices to improve your cookout skills.

Beer is also a critical ingredient for food preparation. The recipe book lists over 70 recipes on various delicious meals you can prepare with beer as one of the ingredients.

If you’re passionate about culinary and beer brewing, you’ll find the cookbook useful. Melissa Cole, the book author, explains the science of cooking in an engaging style. She explains the essence of pairing beer with food and gives examples of how you can go about it.

What’s a better way to prepare a beer-based feast?

Kamado Grills

We’ve noted that beer and grilling go hand-in-hand. Invest in a ceramic grill with solid construction and a large cooking surface to get value for your money. You’ll enjoy pairing your grilled food with beer.